Welcome to the Sanitation Marketing Community of Practice!

Are you a WASH practitioner currently working on sanitation marketing (SanMark) activities? Do you find yourself struggling to find others you can talk to about the practical issues you face – like how to work with a marketing agency, support a small business or design a new low-cost product? Are you thinking about starting a SanMark program, but don’t know where to start?

What is Sanitation Marketing?

While there is not yet broad consensus on SanMark, most practitioners agree that the approach aims to increase household demand for sanitation while simultaneously improving private sector capacity to supply sanitation products and services.

SanMark is different from other conventional approaches to sanitation because it treats households like consumers, not beneficiaries of charity and emphasizes the role that private business can play in delivering sanitation products and services that households want and can afford.

Why a Community of Practice?

Around the world, many of us have 'learned by doing' SanMark - and early experience is promising. Although interest in SanMark is growing, the approach is still relatively new. Programmatic guidance and tools are emerging, but much more can be done to open up the dialogue and link on-ground practitioners together to share and discuss the issues we face.

The SanMark Community of Practice (CoP) aims to be a platform for peer exchange and sharing of ideas and practical lessons in SanMark as they emerge. We hope to bring SanMark practitioners together to help one another improve the design, implementation and evaluation of SanMark activities.

How can you get involved?

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