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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any submission guidelines for Ask the Expert questions?

Ask the Expert is a feature where people can submit Sanitation Marketing questions and receive feedback from experts in the field. Questions can be in the form of a few sentences or up to 1,000 words. If you have a specific case-study related question, we ask that you provide details about the background to the project and as much information as possible so that our experts can provide useful feedback.  While the idea of the Sanitation Marketing Community of Practice is to share knowledge, you can choose not to publish your question and answer to the Ask the Expert page. To submit an Ask the Expert question please follow this link.

Do you have any additional information on Sanitation Marketing?

Sanitation Marketing resources, information and literature will be made available on the Resources page. This page will be updated regularly so please check back to download any new materials. Literature referred to by experts and webinar presenters will be posted here. 

How can I attend an international workshop/training event?

As part of the Sanitation Marketing Community of Practice learning activities, we will be hosting three training events in 2013. These training events will be based on key lessons that emerge during the webinars and will be held in Cambodia, Kenya and Fiji.  They will run over three days and are designed specifically for field practitioners.  It is expected that participants attending these training events will have a practical knowledge of Sanitation Marketing.  The fourth event is a wrap-workshop held over one day in Canberra, Australia. More details about applying to attend a training event will be released shortly. 

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved in the Sanitation Marketing Community of Practice: join a webinar session, attend a workshop, ask a question, submit blog posts or share your stories and experiences with sanitation marketing in the field. We welcome your participation and look forward to learning from you!

How can I participate in a webinar?

Webinars are similar to online meetings where people can log on from anywhere around the world to participate in a virtual discussion room. To take part in a Sanitation Marketing Community of Practice webinar you need to register your interest by following this link. Once you have registered to attend, you will receive an invitation email providing you with instructions about how to participate and how to set up your computer. For the software we are using, you will need a computer with 20 MB of free disk space, a sound card with speakers and microphone (most computers have these already) and a minimum 28.8 kbps internet connection.

How can I submit my stories and experiences about Sanitation Marketing?

Stories, experiences, photographs and case study submissions will appear on the Blog page. We encourage you to share your lessons, challenges and successes so that other Sanitation Marketing practitioners can learn from your experience. Submissions can be made can by following this link.

What is the Sanitation Marketing Community of Practice?

The Sanitation Marketing Community of Practice is a WASH Reference Group initiative supported by the AusAid Innovations Fund and managed by WaterAid Australia.  For more details on members of the WASH Reference Group please follow this link.

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