Jeff Chapin to present at Nov 21 webinar


The second webinar of the Sanitation Marketing Community of Practice will explore product and business model design in sanitation marketing. We are very lucky to have Jeff Chapin from IDEO together with Danielle Pedi from WASH Catalyst present on key steps for the design of new products, services and business models. Sanitation marketing is about helping improve access to products that households want and can afford. This means applying design thinking to re-design the user's experience with sanitation, and looking closely at the supply side to make sure new products can be profitably delivered by local enterprises.

Jeff Chapin works as a designer at IDEO Boston ( and has worked on numerous projects focused on WASH in the developing world. He strongly believes in a user-led approach to design; engaging local communities in the research, ideation and testing that leads to new products, services and businesses. His collaboration with iDE on a rural sanitation project in Cambodia led to the design of a precast concrete catchment box that helped catalyze a sanitation marketplace and has led to the sale and installation of 50,000+ latrines and the generation of 40+ new businesses in rural Cambodia. His project portfolio also includes the design of hand-washing stations in Vietnam, mass-produced latrine slabs in Kenya and an urban sanitation services business in Ghana.

Jeff frequently lectures on the topics of social innovation, green design, global health and product design, and has taught courses at Stanford University, Harvard University, MIT and Technisches Universitaet (TU) Muenchen. Jeff holds an MS in Product Design from Stanford University and a BSE in Engineering from Princeton University.

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